Monday, May 30, 2011

Anne Frank-Is that You?

You know how on Facebook there is that one week a year where people make their profile pictures a famous celebrity they look like? Right, well that week is a fail for me. Why? Because I look like no one famous. I have really thought about this a lot lately. Most people have some resemblance to someone famous-not I. I have even gone as far to google.coming curly haired famous people. Results include: Selena Gomez? Beyonce? Julia Roberts? Jessica Beil? Yeah, all of those clearly don't work.When I ask people who they think I resemble, I typically get blank stares. Except this one time, I asked a girl who she thought I looked like- her response- Anne Frank. Peachy. I was not sure if I should say thank you or slap her. Since that day, I have convinced myself my claim to fame is Anne Frank. Brown hair, brown eyes, curly locks. Obviously there are a few differences, like oh, I don't know say, her pale skin, her large eyes vs. my small asian ones, our different shaded brown hair, her Jewish features, and the fact that we really look nothing alike. But, whatevs, I will take it until someone can prove my friend wrong. Great to know I could pass as her look a-like. I hope they keep me in mind for the next movie. I could be the leading star. Also,  I think I have found my Halloween costume for the rest of my life-Anne Frank. People should know exactly who I am.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Abby Frank.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner?
Anne Frank

Anne Frank?


  1. wait. which picture is you? i cannot even tell the difference. so similar.

  2. My vote for your Halloween costume is still Anne Frank. For such obvious reasons. Also, I am thrilled to see some N.A.T.W on your playlist. Thrilled.